Friday, July 23, 2010


I am so excited! My babies come home today! I can't wait to hear about all the fun things they did at 4H camp! I can't wait to hug and kiss them!! I have missed them so much! I really wish I bought them a camera to take with them so they could have taken some pictures of the camp and the new friends they made. I hope they made friends with some children that will be going to their new school. I will let you know what they did fun!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Love My Babies

Well, yesterday Taylor and Chase were dropped off for 4-H camp. They are gone until Friday. I am not able to speak with them at all! It is killing me! At least they aren't completely alone. Jessie and Kaila went too. Last night I didn't sleep too good either! I miss them so MUCH!! I can't wait to hear all their stories about how much fun they had. Kami is enjoying them being gone for the most part. I know she is missing them, because last night she watched wrestling (her and Chase usually watch it together) and she slept in Taylor's bed. I love my 3 children!!! :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

This weekend ....

Tomorrow I am off for a 3 day weekend!! YAY!! I am so excited! We don't have anything big planned. Tomorrow, I think I might just stay around the house and clean. Do the fun Mommy and wife duties.

Saturday, we are planning on going to the beach for the day with my friend Stephanie and her family. Her daughter Nikki is Kami's best friend from Cumberland. Kami is extremely excited about it. I am sure that I will take some pictures and post them. :) Maybe if we have enough time we can swing by and visit my sister Theresa @ her camp ground in Williamsburg. Hmmmm ... :)

Sunday, we have Chase's baseball party @ Madison Ball Field in Cumberland. We are going to be all over the place. But hey, it is ALL worth it. We are going to enjoy catching up with some good friends and catch some rays!!! :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Some updates ...

On July 1st we moved out of Cumberland and now are residents of Beaverdam. We are about 2 minutes from my sister and her family. We are LOVING it! The kids enjoy hanging with their cousins and Aunt. Their Aunt Tina bought them season passes to Kings Dominion and they are going there A LOT! There is NEVER a dull moment when they are hanging with their Aunt Tina. But they are missing their friends in Cumberland. They get a long summer ... They don't go back to school until September verses August. It has been a true blessing in Beaverdam already! :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

WOW! Long time ...

It has been a long time since my last post!

This weekend was a little busy! Saturday I woke EVERYONE up in the house @ 8:30 to help me clean the house. They weren't real happy with me. Ronnie and the girls could sleep the day way if you would let them. Usually it is just Chase and I up at the crack of dawn. We got the whole house cleaned. It was nice!

We signed the children up for softball and baseball. So it is official any free time that I had is now gone!! This means that mommy will be at the ball field Monday through Thursday with games on Saturday's. I do enjoy watching them play sports though. I think some times I get into it too much! But hey what are mom's for?!?!?! After the sign-ups we went and ate lunch with Katina, Chip, and the girls. We had a really nice time. Katina ended up taking Taylor with her for the night and I had Hailey and Kaila. It was a really nice time. Hailey followed Ronnie around like a lost puppy. It was really cute!!

Sunday we had my other niece Kaela's birthday party at the bowling alley. Hailey was so cute bowling! We had fun! We had a real nice time this weekend with family!!! :)

I promise I will try to keep on top of my blog ... Time just gets away from me!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


A couple weeks ago Taylor was given an award for getting a perfect score on her Reading SOL. We are sooo proud of her. I love you Taylor with all my heart!! :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What a weekend .....

We had a great Holiday weekend! Man, were we busy! Saturday morning I took Taylor to Katina at Western Rider's so she could spend some time with them and ride her horse. Katina is such a good Aunt, she took Taylor's horse to the show for her to be able to ride him there. Taylor was really excited. Oh yeah, on Saturday, Ronnie and I got new cell phones and Taylor has my old cell phone now. She is lovin life! :) She is growing up way too fast for me!! I wish she could go back to being a baby running around in her diapers and her tight curls!! But anyway, after I dropped Taylor off I went home and cleaned the girls room. It took me a good 6 hours to clean their rooms. If it wasn't for Michelle coming over that evening and helping me I think it would have taken me A LOT longer. (Thanks Chell!!) After 12 bags of trash, their room is spotless. Everything is organized and it better stay that way.

Then on Sunday, we went to my mom's for a cookout. We had a really nice laid back time there. Katina and Chip brought their 4 wheelers down. They brought the adult 4 wheeler and then their girls have a 4 wheeler. Kami and Chase drove the 4 wheelers by themselves. It was awesome watching them ride it with out any ones help. I really hope one day we can afford to buy them a 4 wheeler. I did get some pictures from this day that I will post at the end. :) Taylor and Kami ended up spending the night with their Grandma and Chase went home with Katina and Chip. Ronnie and I were kid free. The only thing we did was leave there and then went home and slept.

Then on Monday, I stayed at home and cleaned Chase's room from top to bottom. I ended up getting 6 bags of trash out of his room. Now his room is spotless! Chase even got a new bed from his Grandma and Papa. Thank you Grandma and Papa. Chase loves his bed!! :) While, I was cleaning his room, Ronnie ended up meeting my mom and sister to get the kids. Then Ronnie and the kids went to his mom's for a cookout. He stayed there for about an hour or so. When he got home we left again and went to Heather and Kevin's for a cookout. It was nice hanging out with Heather just relaxing. Ronnie really enjoyed spending time with Kevin.

Well, I hope everyone has an AWESOME day! Enjoy the pictures!! :)

Hailey climbing in my mom's doggie "apartment"

Hailey giving me a kiss. PRICELESS! :)

The girls having fun swimming in the COLD water ... Just look at Jessie's face. LOL!

Miss Kaila lookin' all sweet! :)

Jessie is debating hard about getting in the water

My mom and Hailey getting ready to go on a ride.

Katina and Amador playing Corn Hole

Ronnie and Chip playing Corn Hole.

Hailey is starting young ... LOL!

Chip and Hailey going on a ride

My mom

Katina (my sister)

My HANDSOME hubby!!

Mother's Day 2009

Mother's Day 2009